Woodland Hills, CA Real Estate Market Report 2021

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Woodland Hills, CA Neighborhood Report

Woodland Hills provides many real estate opportunities, especially for first-time buyers, homeowners, and investors searching for desirable deals on single family homes. December 2020 ended with an average purchase price of $988,573. The average sale price of residential real estate in Woodland Hills increased by more than 34% since December 2015.

The current real estate market trend for Woodland Hills, CA boasts an incredible, low absorption rate of 1.95 coupled with record low interest rates. We are stepping into 2021 in a booming buyer's real estate market for Woodland Hills, CA.

Neighborhood highlights

Woodland Hills has the perfect blend of urban and suburban qualities and is a thriving neighborhood of San Fernando Valley.

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Woodland Hills, CA
Dec 2020

Pop. Growth Rate 11%
Avg. Purchase Price $988,573
Avg. List Price $1,123,649
Absorption Rate 1.95
Appreciation - 5yr Avg. 34%
Avg. Rental Price - 2bd $2,657
Renters 43%
Jobs Growth Facebook, Northridge
Westfield $1.5B plan
Nearby Colleges CSUN
Pierce College

The data within this report is compiled from public and private sources. Price statistics are based on sold and current list price from MLS and FBS. Information is deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed. Prepared by Yin Yin Chan on Friday, December 18, 2020, 11:00 AM.

Increasing Demand

Between 2018 and 2008, Woodland Hills saw a population growth of more than 11% and is projected for continuous population growth.

Woodland Hills continues to be a growing, thriving neighborhood in San Fernando Valley.

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First-time homebuyers and the real estate long game

With the neighborhood’s unique characteristics and 43% renter population, your first new home in Woodland Hills, CA has high future rental potential. As long-term planners, we want our real estate to be a comfortable home and to build towards a financially independent future.

This is an exciting time for real estate as we head into 2021 with mortgage rates set at a 14th record low.

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