Yin Yin Chan,
Los Angeles REALTOR®

Yin has been an entrepreneur for the majority of her professional life. She enjoys the process of building businesses and finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

San Fernando Valley Realtor Yin Yin Chan

Responsive, insightful, dependable

Yin Yin Chan is a licensed Realtor in California focused on work with real estate investors and buyers. She is guided by The M&M Team at Aviara Real Estate, a knowledgeable team with over 37 years in combined real estate and lending experience.

Yin is a frequent hiker and enjoys exploring anywhere her two feet can take her. She is a mother to her highly curious, imaginative 7-year old daughter. Yin owned an NYC-based web agency and tech startup for 12 years; she continues to work with high-growth tech companies as a web consultant.

Yin also comes from a background in hospitality with a BS in Hospitality Administration at Boston University. She applies a collaborative, people-focused mindset in the relationships and businesses she builds.

San Fernando Valley Realtor Yin Yin Chan

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San Fernando Valley Realtor Yin Yin Chan